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'Tis the Season for Ice Cream

46 degrees and raining - "the perfect weather for ice cream" said no one ever. But, we took the plunge and opened the ice cream window at Wells Provisions regardless. It was our opportunity for a soft opening and to test the procedures and make sure we had a good idea of how everything would work in the little space. We were grateful for every person who broke away from their wood stoves to eat ice cream on the coldest Memorial Day weekend in recent history.

From our soft opening, we learned that our dipping cabinet freezer was super cold and made the hard ice cream, really, really hard. In fact almost impossible to scoop. The homemade ice cream sandwiches sold better than we could ever imagine, so much so, we couldn't keep up. Unicorn sprinkles are popular to almost mythical proportions, followed by Red Sox sprinkles. And, why on earth we didn't order tubs of just plain hard chocolate and hard vanilla from Snow's is beyond us.

Going into week two we made the proper adjustments and really started to get into our groove. We love seeing folks enjoy the tables outside, and appreciate beyond measure the support from the community and the new friends we've made. The most common question we hear is "When are you going to open the store?" We promise that it's coming soon! Our kitchen is almost ready for final inspections and this weekend we're working on recipe testing for the menu, so you'll be seeing a menu from us soon. It looks like approximately 50% of our menu will stay the same and be signature dishes and 50% will change depending on what's local and in season. Our La Marzocco Espresso machine is being bench tested today at the factory and arriving to us next week. We're using Barrington Coffee out of Lee, Mass for espresso and will also feature coffee from No. 6 Depot in West Stockbridge, Mass.

We've started placing orders for the market, and have been collecting penny candy jars. We're bringing back the store's tradition of having penny candy, so if you have a favorite old fashioned candy you want to be able to buy, let us know! Our huge coolers have been serviced and clean and we'll be kicking them on soon. If you're local and have a favorite beer, food product, or anything else that you'd like to see for sale in the market or on the menu, reach out to us! Our email is We're aiming to be completely open by the first week of July.

Until everything is up and running, the Ice Cream Window will be a weekend thing! On Friday's we'll open at 4pm and on Saturdays and Sundays we'll open at noon. Closing time is 8:30pm. If you haven't visited the window yet, let us tell you that we have all the usual things you can expect from a well stocked Creamie - soft serve ice cream, local hard scoop, dips, sprinkles, and sundaes. We also have things you won't find at any other Creamie stand - like Banana's Foster Sundae, Rhubarb Maple Sundae, Cold Brew Ice Cream Floats, and specialty sprinkles, including those mythical unicorn sprinkles!

Stay cool and see you at the Ice Cream window this weekend!

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