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Special Prelude to the Holidays Tasting

On Thursday, November 17th, Wells Provisions is hosting a very special wine, craft beer and food tasting from 5 to 7pm. If you ever have challenges or questions about what drink to pair with what dish, or worry about buying a bottle of wine, only to discover it wasn't your style, or just want to have a fun night, this is the event for you!

We'll have Adam from Oz Wine and Brian from Craft Collective join us for the evening. We found out about Oz Wine when we moved to Massachusetts and were looking for a bottle of wine that we used to buy at our local neighborhood wine shop in New Orleans. The COS frappato that we loved was in his portfolio, along with so many other delicious, affordable wines from small producers around the world. Winemakers who care about sustainability while making rockin' wines. Adam will be pouring a wide selection of wines that we carry for you to taste. You'll be able to buy cases of wine (including mixed cases) and we'll be giving a 15% discount on those cases for this event! It's the perfect time to stock up before the holidays and Adam will give you pairing tips, serving suggestions and more! He's like a walking encyclopedia of wine information!

Brian from Craft Collective has an amazing, niche, sometimes eccentric, but always delicious portfolio of cool craft beer, and we'll be tasting them on the 17th! Including a new, ready to drink Negroni cocktail. Like the wine, all four packs to take home (including build your own) will be 15% off this evening.

And of course an event at Wells Provisions wouldn't be complete without FOOD! We'll make sure you don't leave hungry. There will be charcuterie and cheese displays, holiday finger foods, lobster pasta, and of course GUMBO!

Tickets are $35 and include drinks, food and gratuity. We're starting at 5pm, but it's going to be a casual come and go event, so don't feel pressured to get to us at 5pm sharp (it's great if you do, just not required). Click here to purchase your ticket for November 17th.

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