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King Cakes 

King Cakes are a New Orleans tradition. Served only during Mardi Gras season (January 6th through Mardi Gras Day - February 21st). At our little cafe, Wells Provisions King Cake is a riff on a very delicious version in New Orleans that was honored with a James Beard award. It's a cinnamon-brioche cake, topped with maple cream cheese frosting (our nod to New England), and decorated with the royal colors of purple, green & gold. A little plastic baby is included with the cake for you to hide within a slice. As the custom goes, if you get the baby you're king for the day and need to buy the next king cake.

Whole King Cakes are available for pre-order for pick-up on Friday afternoons and Saturdays, through February 18th. $32 a cake.

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